“Responsive” is the buzzword for websites.  It basically means that a website responds to the device that is accessing it, or in other words, does it fit and look good on a smaller screen.  What will kill your online presence?

1) A website that doesn’t work on a smart phone!

You have heard of Google, right?  Well, their search rankings now evaluate if your website is responsive, whether it responds and changes to fit nicely on the smaller screen of a smart phone or tablet.  “Google recommends responsive web design as the industry best practice for websites.” (Forbes)  Not only will users not have a good buzz when viewing your webpage while mobile, but Google will even make it less likely for users to find your page in search whether searching on a desktop browser or on their smart phone.  You can even check your how your webpage responds on various devices in Chrome or Firefox.  Review the “Device Mode & Mobile Emulation” resource for Chrome or the “Responsive Design View” resource for Firefox.  Bottom-line:  Google and your users want to easily use your website on a mobile device!

2) Not being available for your clients!

Duh, right?  But, how many times have you been the customer and received awful customer service?  It is no good to not have an enjoyable experience as a customer!  So, be available to your clients regardless of how responsive you have your website.  Respond to emails from customers, timely,  Be kind.  Remember that the whole purpose of business is to provide a positive exchange…hopefully, you see the money you receive as your positive part in the exchange!  For additional encouragement, get to know Sam at givemore.com.

3) Not helping those who help you!

It takes others to make ‘it’ happen…whatever ‘it’ is that your website is presenting.  You likely have employees, but if not, you definitely have family, friends, vendors, partners, etc.  Be responsive to those people who surround you and help you be more successful!  Make payments on time.  Be referable!  Be nice.  If those around you are really not helpful, you need to begin spending less time with those particular people.  It maybe time to part ways with some.  Regardless of how those people treat you, treat your surrounding cast with respect and care understanding that they are your support.  Don’t be a buzzkill to those holding you up!

Take inventory to see what you can do to bring a responsive characteristic to key areas of your presence..both online and offline.